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Mara Marketing is the Switzerland leader in personal customer service and the best-known companies rely on our sales talent. From door-to-door, B2B and shop to sales promotions, our unique multichannel concept addresses customers on many levels and creates maximum sales potential.

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Sales Strategy

We develop the right sales strategy for all sectors and products. Our well-trained sales professionals guarantee optimal project results and cost efficiency. And with our multichannel approach, you can look forward to better sales performance without increasing your budget. Here is an overview of the sectors we have been successfully marketing for many years.


Specializing in specific products and business sectors, our sales force opens the door to 40 million households across Switzerland. Working together with our customers, we develop condensed, highly convincing pilot projects and work on a performance basis. For you this means zero sales risk and unlimited sales opportunities.


If you want other companies to buy your products, you have to speak their language. Mara Marketing has more than a decade of well-founded experience in direct sales to small and medium-sized enterprises.


As a sales partner, Mara Marketing operates shops and outlets throughout Switzerland. Mara Marketing will also exclusively manage an entire region for you. As established partners for the energy and telecommunications sectors, we offer various shop models, shop-in-shop solutions and sales promotions.